Skyz — Danube Properties

This distinctive residential development is ideally situated and highly visible because it is next to Miracle Garden in Arjan and next to the busy Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Boulevard. The villages of Miracle Garden, Arabian Ranches, and Motor City are visible from the tower. By enhancing usable outdoor space through balconies, terraces, gardens, parks, and plazas, the concept was to create a new residential destination that embraces “Mediterranean lifestyle.” The tower is oriented to provide the most views and light possible for the design, and it generates a series of “external gardens” that are scattered throughout the structure and connected by a loose walkway with an outdoor pool and entertainment area on various floors.
The construction offers a range of amenities, including open terrace areas, outdoor recreation areas, and flora, as well as an elevated pedestrian loop, gazebos, swimming pools, waterfalls, and other features.


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